April 10, 2013

Miss N turns 2

Oh little Miss N....she's never sure what to think of me. I've been photographing her off and on since she was a couple months old, and I've always gotten a mix of reactions from her.

This time, for her birthday, I brought balloons for her photos, "Ba-YOONs" she says. This made me very popular this visit. Of course, when she spent so much time playing with the balloons that I couldn't get a direct shot of her face, her mom took the "bayoons" into another room, hence some of the very serious and solemn expressions in this cutie's session. Despite the battle of balloons, I think I won her over in the end, and now her mommy has some photos to remember her at two years old! Happy birthday sweetie!


  1. I like the second shot, with the balloons. Kids looking at the camera is overrated. I tell myself this because of my firstborn.


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