March 11, 2015

Caden ~ Newborn

There is nothing I love more than photographing the babies in my life. When that baby is the firstborn of one of my nearest and dearest friends, and when he is absolutely beautiful, that just makes things that much more enjoyable! Sweet Caden slept for the first hour I was at his house...of course I didn't take a single picture during that time because I was so busy cuddling him and loving him up! By the time I actually got around to business, he was a bit more awake, but he still cooperated beautifully, and allowed me to get some great shots of him wide eyed and alert! I love you little man, and I look forward to many years of photographing you!

My two little "helpers"

March 9, 2015

Amory ~ Newborn

After a quiet winter, photography-wise, I was able to pull my camera out again a couple weeks ago for a newborn session out in Carman! This family is always so photogenic -- they've been featured on my blog a few times. Of course, the fact that they're so much fun to shoot is just a bonus! No trip to the fire station this year, but of course some firetruck pajamas had to be featured still! Enjoy your photos guys, I look forward to many more years of taking your pictures!

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