December 18, 2012

Love birds

Okay, seriously, how adorable are these two? I still have a "What the heck?" moment every time I think about how my brother went from single to madly in love in less than a year, but I love seeing him so happy! Ali is the perfect fit of silly and fun for our family, and even though I could barely hear her speak a word during this shoot (darn laryngitis!), the three of us had a lot of fun at the Forks. Darryl and Ali only barely froze to death, and I think we managed to get some decent engagement photos out of it all! Looking forward to the wedding next year guys! Enjoy your photos!

December 9, 2012

Baby on the way

At the beginning of the month I headed out to Steinbach to photograph the W family in celebration of their little "sequel" who is soon due to make his/her appearance! It was the first time I ever did a complete indoor shoot, but we had a good time, and stayed nice and warm! Richard, Stephanie and Malia, I hope you enjoy your photos, and I hope your little "sequel" arrives soon!

December 1, 2012

One awesome family!

In early November I got to take my camera off the shelf again for a coworker's adorable little blended family. She wasn't asking for much, just some photos in front of a great brick wall behind her house before she moved. That's my favorite kind of shoot to do! Simple, but meaningful to the person the photos are of. Despite a grey day (and some errors on the part of the photographer! Oops!) we were able to capture a few cute photos of the family. I hope you enjoy Joelle! :)

November 1, 2012

5 little cousins!

Nothing like spending your afternoon photographing 5 kids under 5! These cousins were a lot of fun, and troopers considering it was freezing out! We still managed to get a few pictures despite the poor weather, and the kids were happy to spend some time at the Forks Variety Heritage Adventure Park after!

October 25, 2012

The shoot that wasn't meant to be.....

Oh my. This shoot was doomed from the beginning. First we couldn't find a date that worked, then we had to reschedule some dates, then we had a day set, but a fishing trip took Andrew away from us. Then today, when we were heading out, it started to rain, then snow, then hail (or as Nik said, "It's raining ice."). We decided we were going to power through it. We thought we'd try a couple of outdoor photos, then find somewhere warm indoors to go, but alas, at the Basilica poor Alexa (and her beloved "M'Elmo) fell face first into the mud. *sigh* Oh well. These are the photos I managed to get before we piled back into the van and headed home!

October 24, 2012

The G family in Assiniboine Park

I love fall. And I love Winnipeg. The only thing I don't love about Winnipeg is that fall never seems to stick around long enough! It seems like so many years we go from beautiful summer weather, to chilly and snowy winter days. With the G family I was lucky though, and we managed to grab some photos on a gorgeous fall day! We had the benefit of warmer temperatures, and still all the beauty of fall day! Nicole, Adam and Oliver, I hope you enjoy your photos! I had a lot of fun doing them, even if Oliver needed a lot of coaxing to give me smiles! :)

October 11, 2012

Fall Fun in Niverville

This is the second time I've driven out to the L family's home to do their photos for them. They live on a beautiful piece of property out in the country, so both years we have just made use of the natural beauty in their front and back yard as a backdrop. When you add to that the gorgeous light we had, it was easy to capture great photos of this gorgeous family! Miss N was a lot more outgoing this year, and a lot more active, so it was a lot of fun capturing her personality. Julie and Trev, it was a pleasure as always! Enjoy your photos!

Still warming up to me.

Playing with mom makes everything better

The little ladybug loved my little ladybug! She was pretty comfortable by this point. ;)

Family shot!

Playing with Daddy!

October 5, 2012

Monkeying around!

I love these little monkeys! I was there when both of them were born, and I have watched them both grow up into awesome little people. Nik is wild, crazy, imaginative and just about the best big brother he could be, and Alexa is just sunshine and smiles, with a very independent streak beginning to shine through. I love them, and I love how much they love each other. They are without a doubt my favourite kids to photograph! These are some of the ones we grabbed during a very quick session at a local school park. Enjoy!

September 25, 2012

L Family!

This is not the first time I photographed the L family. Last year we braved the cold together for some fall photos. Thankfully this time the weather was much better! It was much more of a workout though, since Abby has learned to walk in the interim. :) We had a good time though, and I think we were successful in capturing some great photos of the family. Hope you enjoy them guys! Here's a few of my favorites.

This is definitely my favorite of the session!

Abby had little patience for getting her picture taken, but would have watched the ducks all day long I think!

Checking out the duck's nest with Daddy. :)

One good lookin' couple!

September 19, 2012

M family photos!

This session was a bit crazy, but what do you expect when you're running around trying to photograph a family with three littles? Things could have been smoother for sure, the weather was very bright and windy, and the kids weren't that into me photographing them) but overall we managed to get a few usable photos. Hope you enjoy them guys (and remember, one photo is better then no photos at all!). ;)

Even though you can't see their faces, I actually quite love this picture!

Sibling love!

Who would think that it was THIS kid who didn't want his picture taken?

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