October 28, 2015

H Family ~ Extended Family Fun

This is the second time I've been able to photograph this whole family. This time we headed to Aspire Photography Studios in downtown Winnipeg. We had a great session, and even included some play time for the kids (and grandparents!). It was a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoy your photos!

October 23, 2015

Trevor + Julie + Norah + Scarlett ~ Family

Oh this family is always fun! I've been photographing them since the very beginning and it's always fun to see them again every fall. This year we opted for something a little different, and instead of making use of their backyard, we headed out to the Mennonite Memorial Landing Site. This site was so beautiful! Rivers in the background, a nice path, and lots of beautiful foliage. Just goes to show you that the smallest out of the way sites can make for great photos! Enjoy your pictures guys!

October 13, 2015

Jacob ~ Cake Smash

Oh this cutie!! It feels like it wasn't that long ago since I was doing his big brother's cake smash photos, but sure enough, it was Jacob's turn to enjoy some cake. And enjoy it he did! It took no coercion at all for this little guy to dive into his cake...or at least the icing! It was a quick session since he just as quickly decided he was done with his cake, but we had a blast watching him get covered in blue icing! Happy birthday Jacob!

October 8, 2015

Sandra ~ Glamour Shots

Okay, so this session was totally a huge step out of my normal comfort zone, but it was so much fun! Sandra is a colleague from work, but also an accomplished blogger, and was looking for some headshots for her blog. She also wanted to get some mother/daughter shots with Zoe (who is just as gorgeous as her momma!). We met up on a day in early September that suddenly decided to be fall. It was surprisingly chilly that day, but she rocked it in those summer dresses. Enjoy your photos Sandra....and anytime you want to play dress up again, just call me over!

October 3, 2015

Andrew + Lisa + Nik + Alexa + Mikayla ~ Family

After an excellent vacation I finally have some time to dedicate to editing some sessions I did in the late summer and early fall. One of my sessions won't be posted until after Christmas, so next on my list is Andrew and Lisa! We stuck close to home, shooting in the Transcona bioreserve and downtown Transcona. As a result, we were able to find a wide variety of backdrops and I'm quite happy with the photos we got! Enjoy!

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