March 17, 2013

Baby Love

Admittedly, I love babies. I work with babies everyday, and I love visiting with my friends' babies! I love photographing babies, but this was the first time that I tried to do a photo shoot on a baby as young as sweet miss Nicola. Bless her heart for being such a willing model, but wow, even immobile, babies are hard to capture on film! Thankfully she is the first baby of our work "baby boom" so hopefully I will get lots of practice over the next few months! I had lots of fun with Nicola, and I hope her mommy, Megan, loves the photos as much as I do! (Special thanks to Carrie and Baby BubbaDo for the headbands!)

Even crying she's so sweet!

"Auntie" Pamela tuckered her out!

Someone discovered her hands!

March 15, 2013

Baby bump in the snow

I got together with Adrienne and Ian on a cold wintery day to capture some shots of Adrienne's growing baby bump. Though the day was much colder than we anticipated, we had a good time trekking through the snow...well, Adrienne and I did. :) Ian was not 100% into the photos, but he was a very good sport (and I think enjoyed the few times this photographer found herself knee deep in unexpected soft snow). I hope you guys enjoy your photos, and I can't wait to meet your little tyke! If these photos are any indication, that baby is going to be surrounded by love!!

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