March 17, 2013

Baby Love

Admittedly, I love babies. I work with babies everyday, and I love visiting with my friends' babies! I love photographing babies, but this was the first time that I tried to do a photo shoot on a baby as young as sweet miss Nicola. Bless her heart for being such a willing model, but wow, even immobile, babies are hard to capture on film! Thankfully she is the first baby of our work "baby boom" so hopefully I will get lots of practice over the next few months! I had lots of fun with Nicola, and I hope her mommy, Megan, loves the photos as much as I do! (Special thanks to Carrie and Baby BubbaDo for the headbands!)

Even crying she's so sweet!

"Auntie" Pamela tuckered her out!

Someone discovered her hands!


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