July 9, 2016

Leo ~ Newborn

Oh this baby. I love this baby. He did not cooperate at all for his photos. It took me over an hour to even get a single shot. But when he finally cooperated, man, did he give me some great pictures. Smiles, even! If this kid turns out even half as cute as his big sister, we are all in trouble. Enjoy the photos!

July 7, 2016

Darryl + Ali + Eden ~ Family/Maternity

A couple of weeks before little Leo made his appearance, I met up with Darryl and Ali to do some family and maternity photos at our neighbourhood park. We did some photos, but mostly just played at the park. Such is life when photographing an 18 month old! ;) Enjoy the photos!

July 5, 2016

Ryan + Catherine + Mariella + Conrad + Demitri ~ Lifestyle

Oh man, the life of the photographer. You're never quite sure what to expect in a session. Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate, sometimes you can shoot at the location you thought of, sometimes you have time constraints, sometimes you have problems with your equipment, and sometimes, oh sometimes you have kids who just do not want to be in photos! This was one of those sessions. No matter how hard we tried, these kids were not interested in a family photo. No worries! We changed it up to a fun lifestyle session instead! The kids ran, dad chased them, they looked at the sky and the trees and the grass. They tried to eat food off the ground. What could have been a mess ended up with some really fun photos instead! Enjoy!

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