October 28, 2014

Cory + Lisa + Hanna + Alexis + Madison + Blake ~ Family

On a beautiful, warm fall day, I met up with this family in a colorful park in southern Winnipeg. We had lots of fun exploring the park, playing in the leaves, and finding that "just right" spot for photographs. The kids were shy at first, but quickly warmed up to show their fun personalities, and Madison didn't even want to leave by the end (although I think that was just to avoid bedtime!) ;). I hope you enjoy your photos guys, I had so much fun taking them for you!

October 20, 2014

Chase ~ Newborn

Oh Mr. Chase. What a cutie. This little guy alternated between looking like a grumpy old man, and yet being the smiliest newborn I've ever had. His older sister was actually the first newborn I ever photographed, so it was a treat to do his photos as well! Enjoy the photos!

Jay + Monique + Keston + Tavian + Soleil ~ Family

Oh me, oh my. I love photographing my friends and family, but every once in awhile there is a session that happens that is just so special, and so beyond other sessions. Where all the little things line up "just so" and make for some truly memorable images. Well this session, on a cold (!) and dreary fall afternoon was certainly one for me. I am SO proud of these images, and I hope that the family is pretty pleased with them as well. These photos are anything but cold and dreary!

Sierra ~ Baby

Oh sweet Sierra. This session was originally going to be a newborn session, but scheduling issues led to us not doing this session until she was almost 2 months old! Oh well! It led to a totally different session with no sleepy baby, but lots of eye contact and smiles. So much fun! I look forward to photographing this little cutie for years to come!

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