April 26, 2013

Sweet Ben - Cake Smash

I have to say, one of the best things about photography is that it seems like there is always something new for me to try. In the course of a week, I got to try out two new types of sessions that I have never done before, a newborn session (which will hopefully be gracing the blog soon) and a cake smash!

For those unfamiliar, a cake smash is a photography session typically done around a baby's first birthday. They can be as fancy or as plain as you like, but they basically involve letting an adorable toddler go to town on a cake, all to themselves. When Ben's mom found out I was interested in trying one, she happily requested a session with me! We got together, and though the clean up probably lasted longer than the actual cake smash, good times were had by all! Alicia, Ray and Ben, I hope you enjoy the photos!!


  1. Oh my I am sooooo in love!! Happy Birthday Ben!! I think I need to put a cake smash birthday on my bucket list...bless your heart and what beautiful pictures Pamela! :)

    Sharon Skeffington

  2. Thanks SO MUCH Pamela! LOVE them!!! And Sharon I think it's a great idea for us too!!!



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