September 21, 2013

Camden ~ Newborn

Alright, so here's your warning...this is a photo heavy post. And it's full of cuteness. :) Little Camden was probably my best behaved newborn to date. Other than a quick feed, this little guy was more than happy to be in front of the lens, and as you'll see, manipulated into a few different poses! Ellie and Colin have been waiting a long time to love on this little guy (you can read their infertility story here), but God certainly provided for them! I love this little guy a ton, and after seeing his photos, I hope you will too! Enjoy!


  1. Such fabulous photos! So many people to love this little one...and looking at these pics what's not to love?

  2. I had to lol at that one of him squished into a boot. :-)


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