February 14, 2013

Waiting for Sawyer

So I'll begin by saying this is a very photo heavy post. Usually I only post a half dozen or so pictures from each session, because I just choose my favourites and allow the family I'm photographing to discover the rest on their own. For Melanie and Will's shoot however, I had too many photos to choose from! Considering it briefly seemed like this shoot wouldn't even happen, I'm thrilled that there are so many photographs to show!

This shoot was originally dreamed to be an outdoor winter wonderland-type shoot, but because it was January, the weather in Manitoba had different ideas. The weekend of the first session we booked, we experienced a blizzard and deep freeze temperatures. The second weekend was a bit more mild (but still cold!), but still threatening a snow storm. We decided to chance it, so I drove out to their home to do some indoor photos. Of course, then I nearly ended up in their ditch after overshooting their driveway! Clumsy photographer. :) Will graciously dug/pushed me out, and then still happily posed for photos!

Anyways, it happened, and these photos are the result! Melanie and Will, enjoy your photos! I had a great time with you guys, and I have no doubt that when Sawyer arrives he will be surrounded by love!


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